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What are the Solleopards?

The Solleopards are a community of 1,111 cartoon styled Leopards that inhabit the Solana Blockchain. Each Soleopard serves as an exclusive pass to the upcoming Solleopard club in the metaverse.

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The Solleopards will be minted on the Solana blockchain. Both the whitelist and public mint will be on the same date, with the whitelist mint being a few hours earlier.

After the mint is completed, every holder will be able to see their brand new Solleopard(s) in their wallets

Holders will have exclusive access to voting on the direction of the future of the community, being able to decide things such as features of our metaverse club, which metaverse our club will be in, and other perks!

The Solleopards metaverse club will be open! All holders of a Solleopard NFT will have free access into the club in which they can socialize, play games, and more!

We will reach out to the influencers of our communities choosing for brand deals and collaborations to give further value to our holders!

We will launch the Solleopards clothing brand, in which holders will have exclusive access to purchase apparel all featuring the Solleopards


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When is the public mint date?

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